I know, I know… we at TU Delft are laggards when it comes to implementing Instagram into our social media strategy. Yes we have had an account, but since we never specified a target, nor a target audience, nor agreed on who, when and how we would upload pics, nothing really happend. Until last week! […]

Halfway 2013 we at TU Delft  made a major shift in how we organised our webcare. We went from ‘now and then with about 3 to 4 colleagues’ to ‘a formal webcare team consisting of 10 students’. How did that shift influence our twitter behaviour? I made the following analysis: Jan – June 2013 July – […]

In the two related posts I explained 1. WHY it is important to organise your webcare within your University 2. HOW we at TU Delft set up a webcare team consisting of students. Here I’ll show you how the team is organised and share some best practices. Tools to organise the job The team decided themselves how […]

In my previous post I explained WHY it is so important to organise your webcare activities and why we choose to work with a team of students. The next question that raises is of course HOW do we organise this?  Selection It is extremely important to find the right students for the job. I found […]

In the telecom business you won’t survive without having your webcare extremely well organised. Customers expect replies to their tweets within an hour, else they will leave you for a competitor. Within the field of higher education, at least in The Netherlands, webcare not always high on the priority list. How come? Don’t we have customers, […]

I just found this great free (!) Twitter analytic tool TweetChup. For my daily job Facebook provides me with enough stats to improve our posts, our reach and our engagement. But Twitter always stayed a bit behind in the analysis. Until now! Just logon with your twitter account and TweetChup will provide you some very interesting […]

Open Days for prospective students are big events for universities.  8 different types of social media interactions that can support the goals of your Open Day. 1. Let your visitors choose the best campaign material 2. Announce the dates of the Open Days on several social media platforms 3. Answer visitors who let know that […]


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