“Hello, Webcare Team TU Delft here. Can I help you with anything?” This is one of the 57 messages Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) sent out via WhatsApp since we opened this opportunity only two weeks ago. We didn’t do any publicity around it, just published the number on the contact page of our website. WhatsApp is a […]

We had two record breaking facebook posts last week! First one was posted on #BlueMonday (third Monday in January): We nearly hit a 100K reach there… Only 4 days later we managed to break that magic number with a video made by one of our MSc students who traveled 1033 km with a ‘train day pass’: […]

Yeah, we reached a 30K fans on our TU Delft facebook page this weekend!! Since this number is well over the number of campus students (which is 20.000), this made me curious to check if the demographics of our fan base had changed since the number of 5.000 fans. Well actually not that much: One side […]

Students who are in the process of choosing a Bachelor’s or Master’s programme have tons of websites and platforms to go. There they will find information about the programmes, the student life, the education and research facilities, etc. All very useful, but students do also want to know about the career opportunities. I see institutes […]

Personal recommendations on your LinkedIn profile can be of great value. In theory you could make up your complete profile, but you can’t write your own recommendations. Other people will have to recommend you. Thus LinkedIn recommendations provide us with means to trust what we read on a profile. In August 2013 LinkedIn introduced the University Pages. […]

I know, I know… we at TU Delft are laggards when it comes to implementing Instagram into our social media strategy. Yes we have had an account, but since we never specified a target, nor a target audience, nor agreed on who, when and how we would upload pics, nothing really happend. Until last week! […]

Halfway 2013 we at TU Delft  made a major shift in how we organised our webcare. We went from ‘now and then with about 3 to 4 colleagues’ to ‘a formal webcare team consisting of 10 students’. How did that shift influence our twitter behaviour? I made the following analysis: Jan – June 2013 July – […]